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4 Pregnancy and Baby Savings Tips for Budget-Conscious New Parents

4 Pregnancy and Baby Savings Tips for Budget-Conscious New Parents

In addition to a multitude of prenatal appointments, remembering to eat and stay hydrate, as well as getting insurance paperwork situated, I didn't allow myself a chance to set aside time to properly budget for my pending bundle of joy. So when Emily Graham approached me about an article I thought this would be a great resource for new parents. Please take a moment to read this guest contribution by fellow blogger, Emily Graham. You can learn more about her story at mightymoms.net.

4 Pregnancy and Baby Savings Tips for Budget-Conscious New Parents 


Expecting a new bundle of joy? Wondering how to factor all your pregnancy and baby needs into your budget? Becoming a new parent is never cheap, but there are some pretty savvy ways to save on all of the supplies you will need to get through the next nine months, and beyond. So, before you start shopping for all that you need, keep these budget-friendly tips in mind.

Save Money By Making Your Own Clothing and Supplies

Need a way to blow off some steam, save money, and create custom keepsakes for your baby? If you are comfortable with crafts, you can easily fashion your very own baby blankets, babywear, and even maternity outfits all on your own. You just need a few materials and some time to put these items together. So, before you begin nesting, look for supplies at local fabric and craft stores. You can usually find good deals on fabric, yarn, and other materials when you shop with retailers like Joann Fabric. Plus, you can be extra savings savvy by shopping online and using Joann promo codes and promotions. These online coupons can save you anywhere from 20 percent to 60 percent on your purchases and are so easy to use online or even in-store.


Shop for Maternity Wear and Nursery Furniture Using Secondhand Sites

If you want to stay comfortable throughout your pregnancy, you’ll need to add some items to your wardrobe. Since maternity clothes are a temporary need, it may not make sense to spend a fortune on new items. Instead, keep your maternity wardrobe costs down by checking out consignment shops online. Sites like ThredUp are always stocked with budget-friendly finds and you can even score discounts on designer items. When you are done with your maternity clothes, you can use these same sites to sell them and put some cash back into your bank account. Don’t want to buy any new clothes? Consider using these handy clothing hacks to easily adjust your wardrobe throughout your pregnancy. Use a belly band to make your favorite jeans fit or add some fabric to help those tiny tees cover more of your baby bump.

The same logic applies to your nursery as well. Since you will only use the furniture for a limited amount of time, it’s important to save money by looking for items second hand. Instead of splurging on an expensive crib, put that money toward a handyman, who can help you install the necessary additions required to make your nursery functional and comfortable. Just keep in mind that in Sacramento, you’ll pay roughly $1,000 for a handyman, though that figure will largely depend on the size and scope of the project.


Find Easy-to-Wear Clothes to Keep You Comfy Postpartum

Dressing your baby bump in style can be easy and inexpensive during your pregnancy. Once your baby is born, however, your clothing priorities will quickly change to comfort and convenience. Every new mom should have some postpartum basics factored into her budget. Roomy tops, lounge pants, and cozy robes top the list, but you may also need options that make it easy to nurse your little one. Since nighttime and early feedings are part of the package, think about picking up some maternity pajamas (available online for under $40). These gowns, robes, and sets are all super soft but, more importantly, allow easy access during those sleep-deprived feeding sessions. Plus, they can easily fit into just about any mom’s budget.


Know Where to Go for Free and Low-Cost Baby Essentials

Nothing is better for your baby budget than getting stuff for free. It may sound too good to be true, but there are tons of companies that offer free samples and deals to expectant parents online. You can get lotions samples, baby clothes, and even a nursing pillow! You may need to pay a little shipping, but that’s a small cost compared to the retail price of these must-haves. Another must-have you can score for free? Diapers! That’s right, you can replenish your endlessly disappearing stash of diapers by looking online for free samples, using coupons, or cashing in those reward points on diapers you’ve already purchased for your baby.

Preparing for pregnancy and your new baby does not have to break the bank. Expectant parents can find as many deals and savings as they need by doing a little digging online. Plus, you can save even more when you look for online coupons and promo codes for your maternity, postpartum, and baby needs. So, don’t go broke nesting and getting ready for your new baby!


Photo Credit: Pexels

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