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Paciencia Y Fe In the Heights

From the creator of the smash hit HAMILTON, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s multiple Tony-winning Best Musical captures the sights and sounds of a vibrant New York City neighborhood on the brink of change, telling the story of a bodega owner whose life is interwoven with residents who visit his store. The thrilling Tony-winning score combines Latin rhythms, hip-hop and pop for an exhilarating journey about chasing your dreams and what it truly means to be home. Broadway At Music Circus premiere.


We are a beautiful, misunderstood, and underestimated people capable of more than we realize. Starting with my own family, I want to heal the brokenness we’ve experienced over the generations so we can continue to rise and embrace what is ours. Colonized by Spain, the United States of America and Japan; who were we before others told us who to be? My curiosity and hunger to learn more about my family’s ancestry has been reignited.

Sacramento Women In Games

Are you an aspiring game creator?

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Do you want to break misconceptions about women and gaming?

This is for you.

Broadway on Tour Review - STOMP

How many different sounds can one person make with their body? STOMP sets out to answer that question. Performed on a simple backdrop with dramatic lighting, STOMP is energetic, engaging and humorous. I wasn’t expecting to laugh so much! My head could not stop boppin’ to the rhythms coming off the stage. All I could think of was how much practice went down before we saw the cast in action. It’s one thing to memorize lines but to remember the various rhythms on percussion instruments and choreography on top of that, whew! I’m tired just reliving that! Did I mention there was no intermission? These talented young women and men played straight through.  I also thought it was cool to see older and younger patrons in the audience. This is definitely the type of musical I would bring my son to when he gets a bit older. (He’s only 11 months old now.) After watching the show I now want to turn my everyday items into musical instruments.

Do yourself a solid and get to the Sacramento Community Center Theatre to see STOMP, February 1st through the 10th in Downtown Sacramento. Tickets are available here.

Broadway Sacramento

Attending a live musical theatre performance can move the heart and mind in a way that no movie can touch. The best place to fill your senses is by attending a show at Broadway Sacramento which includes Broadway in the Round at Music Circus and Broadway on Tour. A night at Broadway Sacramento is perfect for going with friends or a date. Whether it’s a casual affair or a big to-do, the arts are notorious for bringing together people from different walks of life. Over the last 8 years, I’ve made it a point to catch at least one show each season.  At Broadway on Tour I’ve seen Pippin’, Rock of Ages, Beauty and the Beast, and my favorite The Phantom of the Opera. In 2017 at the Music Circus, I saw On the Town, 9 to 5, Sister Act and Mamma Mia. Just last week I’ve had the honor of attending opening night for Waitress the Musical as part of the Broadway Sacramento Ambassador program.

The River City Queen

One of the things I love most about Sacramento is being so close to the water. Most of the time I am only able to enjoy our waterways from the shore or along a bike trail. But tonight, that changed! This evening I had the opportunity to enjoy a sunset cruise on the River City Queen for my friend Julie Gallaher’s birthday. Located in Old Sacramento behind the Delta King, the River City Queen is the go-to floating venue if you are looking for an intimate party boat. Since she is always down for adventure I invited my friend Jodie to join me for a first of its kind, happy hour excursion on the river.

Sacramento Museum Day

I consider myself to be a history and museum nerd. I’m that person who will plan a vacation around visiting historical sites. It doesn’t matter if I’m in Europe or Hawaii. If it can tell the story of a place I want to get know a little better, you can find me there!