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We are a beautiful, misunderstood, and underestimated people capable of more than we realize. Starting with my own family, I want to heal the brokenness we’ve experienced over the generations so we can continue to rise and embrace what is ours. Colonized by Spain, the United States of America and Japan; who were we before others told us who to be? My curiosity and hunger to learn more about my family’s ancestry has been reignited.

The Girl Who Sees

To hear any type of Filipino folklore growing up was uncommon. I’m not sure if my family is aware of these stories either. (I will have to ask at the next party.) So imagine my surprise when I came across a game called The Girl Who Sees developed by InterIntellectus Games. I don’t recall how we found each other but I’m certain it was meant to be. Right away when I saw the developers behind the game, I knew I wanted to support them.