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Baby G: The Fourth Trimester

In early March my first and only child was born. Our journey began with a stress test. When my doctor told me my amniotic fluid was low she directed me to go to labor and delivery for an induction. After several hours in labor with no further progress, the nurses were unable to track my son’s heartbeat on the monitor. Next thing I know the doctor is coming in to discuss surgery with me. To be honest, some of this has become a blur but there will be a follow up blog to share a bit more of my birth experience and the support system I initially did not want.

My Truth

In a few weeks I will be starting a new position...

One love story ends and a new one begins. I am finally allowing myself to embrace this moment. The journey has not been ideal. To my friends and colleagues who have expressed concern over the last several months, I thank you for your understanding, support and patience. It will take me some time to navigate down this new path. I am preparing to receive those who will appear and stay the course with me.