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Mom’s Homemade Lumpia Recipe (Informal)

Mom’s Homemade Lumpia Recipe (Informal)


Ground beef
Oyster sauce
Lumpia wraps
Carrots - grated
Shredded cabbage
Canola oil

You can substitute ground beef with ground turkey if you like.

Cook veggies down in a pot. 
Add salt and pepper to taste then let cool.

Then cook ground beef in a separate pot. Once it has browned add the oyster sauce and simmer.

Combine veggies and meat into one pot. Then let cool.

Be sure to drain excess oil and fat after the meat has cooked. It is important to allow the filling to cool completely or else it will break through your wrap.

In the meantime, start separating the lumpia wraps.

When all the wraps are separated and the filling has cooled begin wrapping, using egg yolk to seal the lumpia.

After all the lumpia is wrapped you can either freeze them for later or cook them.

Heat canola oil and proceed to fry.

Lumpia is best prepared with friends and family gathered around the table, each with their own station. Young and old can participate.

Happy wrapping!

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