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2017 Sacramento Indie Arcade Keynote Speaker: Michelle Hill

2017 Sacramento Indie Arcade Keynote Speaker: Michelle Hill

We are pleased to announce our keynote speaker, Michelle Hill, for the 2017 Sacramento Indie Arcade!

A former 2013 IGDA Scholar, Michelle Hill studied animation at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She is a former animator of the indie game Outer Wilds, which has won two International Games Festival awards for Excellence in Design and the Seumas McNally grand prize. Michelle is currently at 2K Games as a Motion Capture Specialist where she has worked on the following AAA titles: NBA2K16, NBA2K17, WWE2K16, WWE2K17, XCOM 2 and Mafia 3.

 Join us on Saturday, April 8th in West Sacramento and help us welcome Michelle back home!

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On Saturday, April 8th, 2017, West Sacramento Parks & Recreation in partnership with Nascent Games and IGDA Sacramento presents the 4th Annual Sacramento Indie Arcade!

Since 2014, we've had the distinct honor of working alongside some memorable nerd and geek community members including: Atari Party, Capitol Fight District, Ninja Pandas, Consolecade, Orange Lounge Radio, Videogame Bang, Sac Geeks and Extra Life!


Now, for 2017, we continue to extend our collaborative reach with NEW community members: KittensLIVE (representing the TwitchKittens streamers community), Last Token Gaming, Small Business Association of Sacramento and more to bring it all together!


The core of the Sacramento Indie Arcade is about our ever-growing list of Indie Game Developers here in the Sacramento region and beyond! Attendees will be able to play games created by 30+ developers (Board, Card & Video Game), including our VERY 1ST INTERNATIONAL Game Developer all the way from Singapore! Our inspiration is beginning to spread to new parts of the world now! Incredible stuff, isn't it?


Because Sacramento Indie Arcade continues to create inspiration and results for all who attend, we will once again incorporate speakers and panelists including: Michelle Hill - Keynote (2K Games), Joe McClure (Small Business Association-Sacramento), Sela Davis (Xbox Live, VREAL), Alona Jennings & Gina Lujan (Hacker Lab & Code for Hood) and MORE!


These truly inspiring speakers and panelists will be ready to provide some professional and thought-provoking discussion throughout our community! +1 WISDOM!


Gaming Tournaments will, of course, return thanks to our awesome Capitol Fight District crew! This will include Street Fighter and more! Stay tuned for the official list very soon!


There will also be an awesome lineup of game-themed vendors ready to show their crafts on display for sale!


Finally, we will be incorporating something new to expand our efforts even MORE: INDEPENDENT FILM DEVELOPERS! More on this addition soon!


What is Sacramento Indie Arcade:

Since 2007, our active game developer community has fostered growth of game development in Sacramento. In April 2014, Nascent Games & IGDA Sacramento decided it was time to show the region and the world what is being created in California’s capital city. A reason to CELEBRATE these milestones from our respective developers! Through celebration, education and inspiration, the inaugural Sacramento Indie Arcade was born!


2017 Sacramento Indie Arcade Speaker: Steve Whitney

2017 Sacramento Indie Arcade Speaker: Steve Whitney

Success Achieved Through Community

Success Achieved Through Community