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What is Mine is MINE! THE END!

What is Mine is MINE! THE END!

Happy Monday, dear nerds!

Yes, this is the November & December 2016 Newsletter!

"Uh, November passed already." Quite true! But, it was a beautiful thing! I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday!

Onward, we had a wonderfully uplifting session from Michelle Hill of 2K Games in our Rigging & Animation 101 meetup! I was elated & so proud of Michelle for sharing such great knowledge with those that were able to attend. I absolutely plan to have Michelle return very soon for more sessions like this.

This is what it's all about. The "unity" in community!

We are all trying to be better in our craft. To be better at making our excellent game ideas come to life. This kind of community effort is the only way we can help better each other & become even stronger than we already are in Sacramento.

We can. We will. We already are...

For December, we only have 1 event. But, it's a doozy! And, it's kind of a 2-for-1 thing!

IGDA Sacramento Meetup Event for December 2016: 

Progressive Game Jam 3.6/Holiday Potluck
Saturday, December 17th, 2016, 11am to 530pm

Our teams continue to progress forward in their respective game projects, in preparation for our upcoming Sac Indie Arcade for 2017! If you’re interested in being a part of one of the current teams, or if you want to simply see how we roll, click on the link for more details!

ALSO, FOOOOOOD! 2016 has been a hell of a year (lookup: understatement). We need celebration on what we've done and what we still need to do. What better way than this!

Anybody planning to attend, you're welcome to bring a little something (food/snack, beverage or both) for all of us to enjoy together!



"What's Mine is MINE! THE END!"

"End of the Mine" by Skirmish Entertainment is now out on Steam! YAY! What's it all about? Well...You are a miner on a distant planet excavating valuable resources. After a night of relaxing with your fellow miners, you awake to find them gone and the colony you call home deserted. With only your companion Camm-E to help, you must venture into the mines in search of your friends and answers.

Support the Skirmish team RIGHT NOW and leave some awesome, constructive feedback!

"The Arrive of Enve is NEAR!"

Crumple: Episode 1 by Nascent Games (that's me!) is nearing its final release. But, as it gets closer & closer, I'd love for those who are aware (or may not be aware) to try the Crumple demo now on Newgrounds. I'd love to see your feedback on this. But, please note this demo is just a small taste of what the full game will offer...in both gameplay, performance & graphic touch-ups.

Constructive feedback from the community is vital to the growth & future of this episodic series. It has been a long & very difficult road to even be able to comfortably share that Crumple is almost done. But, we are here...#nerdchievements

As always, our goal is to provide quality events that will help each of you thrive in your personal & professional development.

Although there is no cost to be a part of our Meetup group (EVER!), there are benefits for professionals and students to become members of IGDA. Read more here: https://www.igda.org/?page=benefits.

Did you know a portion of member dues are invested back to local chapters? Should you choose to become an official IGDA member, this will help us continue to host quality and diverse game development events.

As always, we want to know what YOU want to see in an upcoming IGDA Sacramento event! Let us know which past sessions you've liked, what you didn’t, what you want to learn and what events you’d like to see happen!



Gabriel G. - Founder & Chair
Briana A. – Vice Chair

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Success Achieved Through Community

Success Achieved Through Community

Unlocked Achievements and Other Happy-Happy Joy-Joys

Unlocked Achievements and Other Happy-Happy Joy-Joys