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Indie Developer Spotlight: Byte Me Games

I began writing these features to shine a light on the lesser known side of creative arts taking place in Sacramento. According to the Entertainment Software Association, of the 77 college programs and 889 companies that operate in California, approximately 32 of those have made Sacramento their headquarters. I am by no means a professional writer. I’m just someone who wants to help see our community succeed. As the person who has been heading up the social media marketing and outreach efforts for the Sacramento game development community over the last four years, I felt it was time to start telling the stories of the people behind the studios. Up until this year all of my posts have been promoting our meetups and the big events. But we are more than that and would be nothing without the little consistent tasks that take place day after day, week after week, and month after month.

Crumple by Nascent Games

In 2013 I was in Scotland when I was first told about the concept for Crumple. Gabriel and I had been exchanging emails back and forth about various topics. At this time he had a few other games in the early planning stages but this one he seemed to be the most excited about. When people hear about the game for the first time, their typical response is one of shock. But not the kind of shock you experience when there is a POP emergency or some government mishap. This kind of shock falls more along the lines of “you’re making a game about an envelope?”

IGDA Sacramento Newsletter: July 2016

I hope everyone is enjoying their 4th of July holiday weekend! Before we share our monthly events with you, we have a special announcement. To ensure that all facets of game development are well represented Gabriel and I have expanded our organizer team to include table top gaming, next level business development resources, as well as a club to represent Sacramento area college students!