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We are a beautiful, misunderstood, and underestimated people capable of more than we realize. Starting with my own family, I want to heal the brokenness we’ve experienced over the generations so we can continue to rise and embrace what is ours. Colonized by Spain, the United States of America and Japan; who were we before others told us who to be? My curiosity and hunger to learn more about my family’s ancestry has been reignited.

The Girl Who Sees

I am Filipino, Hawaiian and Japanese. For the longest time I felt alienated from most of my culture. Having grown up in a town where the population, at the time, was predominately Caucasian I didn’t have much experience to pull from. The most exposure I had to my Filipino roots had been with my step-father’s side of the family. Exposure usually came in the form of food and traditional savory dishes that they would cook for us. As kids we weren’t taught the language. Looking back I’m not entirely sure why. Was it because we didn’t ask? Did we not pay attention? Or was it something that just slipped our auntie’s and uncle’s minds? Surely, we heard enough of the bad words and picked up on those fairly quickly. Another point worth noting is that we were surrounded by a Catholic faith-based family. To hear any type of Filipino folklore growing up was uncommon. I’m not sure if my family is aware of these stories either. (I will have to ask at the next party.) So imagine my surprise when I came across a game called The Girl Who Sees developed by InterIntellectus Games. I don’t recall how we found each other but I’m certain it was meant to be. Right away when I saw the developers behind the game, I knew I wanted to support them.


The chains that bound us

Are tighter than ever today

These boxes we live in

Have cramped our luxurious lifestyle,

But at least we’re still a family

Unlike most who have gone astray

Sacramento Museum Day

I consider myself to be a history and museum nerd. I’m that person who will plan a vacation around visiting historical sites. It doesn’t matter if I’m in Europe or Hawaii. If it can tell the story of a place I want to get know a little better, you can find me there!