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Family can come in the form of those we were born and raised with and those whom we choose to spend our life with. As the elders in my family grow older it is important that I preserve their stories. I share with you our history, memories and hopes for the future. Perhaps we are not different after all. 



One of my favorite pastimes is sharing a meal with good company. The sizzle of lumpia being fried in oil, soft rice being scooped out of a pot, flavorful beans bubbling, and the smell of meat cooking over an open flame. Come with me on my foodie journey as we explore meals prepared by home cooks and restaurants from around the world. 



Once upon a time I was told to make time for fun, and I’ve made sure to live each day by that motto. From fast cars and road trips to running crazy long distances, live concerts, dancing and of course playing all sorts of games. Take a look inside and enjoy the fun with me.